A Ten Dollar BTS Tour with Traditional Rod & Kulture

Traditional Rod & Kulture, sent out Bay Area native Trent Sherrill to shoot member Scott Leatherman’s kustom ‘53 built by Skoty Chops. It’s amazing to watch a master photographer at work and meeting Alli Peach Hamilton for the first time in person, it’s hard to look past her stunning beauty but her personality quickly shines brighter. Trent’s attention to every detail of the visual story makes you want to invest in learning more about the history of car kulture and to take better pictures at large.

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Scott Leatherman
Thumbs up for Pinkees Rod Shop

The Grand National Roadster Show is for many of us, it’s the kickoff of the kustom and hot rodding car show season. GNRS has always had a largely curated feel, with showcases within the various buildings, the car quality this year from building to building was truly astounding. But it was also the quality of cars outside of the buildings that made the show one of the best. Enjoy a gallery with over 200 pictures.

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The Many Shades of KC Mathieu

It was cold and grey day in Fort Worth, Texas, when we made our to KC’s Paint Shop. So how or why did one of the most popular, talented and earliest members of the Gas Monkey team, and the Fast-n-Loud show, end-up in the same business just ninety minutes from Dallas, but for all intents and purposes, worlds apart?

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What’s fueling the Monkeys

Where have our favorite monkeys gone off to? What are they doing with the massive platform they helped build, although neither call it home any longer? Aaron and KC have been friends since middle school but are two different people with their own lives and have taken two different paths. We had the unique opportunity to catch up with both.

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Christmas comes to a Deadend

It was an incredibly generous of both Deadend Magazine and Calaveras CC to host, feed and entertain so many. The event included a several prominent custom car and lowrider car clubs, family members and lots of food. There was a DJ playing a constant mix, an entire arcade worth of free video games, and endless tacos. Even Santa made a stop into the garage to take pictures.

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Big Blocks and Barbie Dolls

Hundreds of decorated cars, Santa on a rad kustom sleigh, face painting, perfect weather and a super scientific guess of thousands of spectators enjoying the cars was a sight to see/experience. We all had a great time and once again the car community stepped-up big with generous donations

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Scott Leatherman Comment
Goodguys Autumn Get Together is a Total Smokeshow

The burnout competition was a big hit at the show. The sounds, the smells, and the sights thrilled young and old alike.

I think 1973 and older defines a “classic” car or truck, but that cuts off all the squarebody enthusiast at the knees. What are your thoughts: what year is your cut off for a classic car or truck and why?

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Kindig-it Steals SEMA2018 with a Fiberglass Replica

Kindig-It Design’s 1955 Gullwing replica, the highlight of SEMA 2018. It’s a fiberglass replica that was made (approximately 20-24 kits) sometime in the nineties – no original Mercedes Gullwings were hurt in the restomoding process.

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Kustom Kamper

Jacob sets out to build something that had both form and function—with a rhinoceros like appearance/shape—the narrowed front noise of the camper breaks with decades of boxy designs and should offer less wind resistance.

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