Christmas comes to a Deadend

Deadend Magazine hosted a private Christmas party with the Calaveras Car Club at the DK Garage for a couple hundred of their closest friends.  

It was a party to celebrate the continued success of Deadend Magazine, a small business that has captured, shared, and connected the custom car and lowrider scene like no other for the last 15 years. Even with the addition of a physical store two years ago, it seems to keep growing without ever compromising its commitment to staying authentic, while also giving back to its local community. 


“I feel like the luckiest guy in the world,” said Jesus, co-founder of Deadend Magazine. “I have a happy, healthy family and a job that allows me to travel, hangout, and be part of the global car community I love. My family and friends are the reason for our success and I’m blessed that the line between family and friends continues to blur for me.” 

The Calaveras Club's car collection would impress Jay Leno. Their cars, plus cars of the Deadend Supporters, filled the parking lot with some unique rides. From a Christmas tree carrying Lambo to a chopped and slammed big rig there was something for everyone to enjoy/covet. 

“I’m really proud of what Jesus and Juan have accomplished and more proud to call them both my friends,” said artist Phil Leonard of Syrarium Studios . “Life is about making memories—Deadend Magazine not only creates, facilitates and captures these moments but the Deadend brand allows us to identify and celebrate it collectively around the world. I’m proud to be a Deadend Supporter.”

Art piece painted by Phil Leornard of Syrarium Studios

Art piece painted by Phil Leornard of Syrarium Studios

It was an incredibly generous of both Deadend Magazine and Calaveras CC to host, feed and entertain so many. The event included a several prominent custom car and lowrider car clubs, family members and lots of food. There was a DJ playing a constant mix, an entire arcade worth of free video games, and endless tacos. 805 stepped up with some cold beers that were appreciated. Even Santa made a stop into the garage to take pictures and wishes from adults who still believe. (Note: Santa requests that you swap the milk and cookies this year for a cold 805 and some carne asada tacos—but go easy on the peppers—it’s a long night.

Merry Deadmas