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Goodguys Autumn Get Together is a Total Smokeshow

The burnout competition was a big hit at the show. The sounds, the smells, and the sights thrilled young and old alike.

I think 1973 and older defines a “classic” car or truck, but that cuts off all the squarebody enthusiast at the knees. What are your thoughts: what year is your cut off for a classic car or truck and why?

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Kindig-it Steals SEMA2018 with a Fiberglass Replica

Kindig-It Design’s 1955 Gullwing replica, the highlight of SEMA 2018. It’s a fiberglass replica that was made (approximately 20-24 kits) sometime in the nineties – no original Mercedes Gullwings were hurt in the restomoding process.

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